Canterbury Group is a global investment firm offering business solutions to the local and international markets with headquarters in the Cayman Islands.


Our investment philosophy, business practices, and organizational structure is to deliver standard and alternative financial products to high net worth individuals and institutional clients by committing to the highest level of service with attention to specific personal objectives.

Long-term relationships with our clients are achieved and maintained through focusing on our areas of expertise by understanding and determining each client’s unique needs in efforts towards fulfilling their ultimate goals.


The Cayman Islands continues to maintain its dominant position as a leading financial hub.  The country’s commitment to excellence and modern legislation are a few keys to its performance, particularly in capital markets and investments.  The Banker Magazine ranked the Cayman Islands, eight years consecutively, as the Top Specialised Financial Centre.


The Cayman Islands is the world's leading domicile for offshore funds and a top banking center, with 40 of the top 50 banks. The Islands have an English common law legislative system and has maintained very stable political, social, economic and fiscal climates throughout its history. It is estimated that 75% of all offshore hedge funds have been established in Cayman. Cayman is a tax neutral environment with no personal, corporate, income, or capital gains tax.


With unparalleled market leadership across all the key sectors, open and constructive dialogue between government and industry, to drive through new products and positive results on major international tax transparency issues, Cayman’s financial services industry is strong and firmly positions for growth.


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